I am not here right now. Why? #outini
09.18.14 /16:08
On the surreal sunset kayak mission to visit Waldo’s archipelagos. #outini
09.10.14 /17:35
Waldo Lake wakes up. #outini
09.09.14 /18:36
Waldo Lake goes to bed. #outini
09.09.14 /18:35
Come see how Portland’s urban forest is rooted in our city’s history. Heritage Trees are some of the oldest living physical evidence of the city’s past. Join David-Paul B. Hedberg, Portland State University Graduate Student and Intern with PP&R Urban Forestry, as he interprets the city’s past through Heritage Trees.

PP&R Urban Forestry & Portland State University Present:

From Stumptown to Tree Town: Interpreting Portland’s History Through Its Heritage Trees

A Lunch-and-Learn Event

Wednesday, October 1
The Portland Building
1120 SW 5th Ave.
2nd Floor, Room C
09.09.14 /13:52
Pretending I’m sleeping near the lake shore of Waldo still tonight. #outini
09.09.14 /02:57

This weekend. #outini

Conveniently located at the Alpine Trailhead is the Westfir Inn. After an extremely fun ride we had to stop in for a nice cold beer. #outini
09.03.14 /21:10
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