Reflecting on the beauty of Indian Heaven Wilderness in The Gifford. #outini
07.23.14 /00:56
Dave cranking through a talus slope on the Gunsite ridge trail on Friday. Beautiful trail! #outini
07.21.14 /11:05
Celebrating anniversary 2/infinity with the best man on earth! @dhcorndog #outini
07.14.14 /16:08
Well, we tried to ride Gunsight Ridge near Mt. Hood… And then lightening started to strike above the ridge. So we decided to take a rain check! #outini
07.13.14 /15:34
Whoahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dave traversing the Plains of Abraham on Mount St. Helens. It’s not everyday you get to ride on a volcano. #outini
07.10.14 /02:00
And then Mount St. Helens became a painting. #outini
07.09.14 /16:25
Dave riding through peak wildflower season up on the Plains of Abraham halfway up Mount St. Helens. #outini
07.09.14 /11:18
I biked my ass all the way up across the Plains of Abraham up on Mount St. Helens. Pretty proud ride for lil ol me! #outini
07.09.14 /00:24
Descending from Old Snowy Mountain with Mount Adams in the distance. #outini
07.08.14 /20:32
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