Cloud magic on Mount St. Helens. #outini
04.18.14 /11:04
More St. Helens magic. Looking into the crater and reveling in the color palette. #outini
04.15.14 /23:35
My climbing team on the way up St. Helens this past weekend. #outini
04.14.14 /18:57
James looking across the clouds towards Mount Hood halfway up Mount St. Helens. #outini
04.14.14 /18:01
The view of Mount Adams halfway up Mount St. Helens. #outini
04.14.14 /11:57
Entering the snowfield in the sunrise glory light after a 5am wake up. #outini
04.13.14 /21:47
Yesterday Team Sweden successfully hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens! The vista from the peak blew my mind. #outini
04.13.14 /20:19
Thank you @cdudleyt and the @traveloregon team for our 7 Wonders of Oregon patches! We are honored to be a part of celebrating Oregon’s majesty and we will wear them with pride! #outini
04.08.14 /12:53
And today we are in Indian Heaven Wilderness in our minds while we do epic yard work. #outini
04.06.14 /18:03
It’s a housework weekend, but I’m imagining we were here up on Diamond Peak! #outini
04.05.14 /12:43
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