On the way up Mount Defiance this morning. I feel sore. And satisfied. #outini (at Mount Defiance)
10.19.14 /22:57
Winter is coming. And for some reason that feels fine with me. #outini
10.02.14 /10:34
Pretending I’m not afraid of heights! #outini (at Smith Rock State Park)
09.30.14 /00:55
I hike up and down this trail probably 100 times a year and the view just never will ever get old. #outini  (at Smith Rock State Park)
09.29.14 /15:16
Amazing weekend at Smith Rock with my homies! #outini  (at Smith Rock State Park)
09.29.14 /02:40
Beyond excited to worship our temple this weekend!! #outini
09.21.14 /22:54
Celebrating Dave’s 31st year on this earth. #outini
09.20.14 /23:02
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